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All of our protection programs have limits of liability of $12,500 or actual cash value, whichever is greater. In addition, all MotoAssure Protection Programs include bonus roadside assistance and rental car program.

Pre Paid Maintenance

Are you seeking ways to save money during the first year of your MotoAssure plan? Look no further than our Prepaid Maintenance Plan. It offers a range of essential maintenance services including 3 oil changes, brake pads/shoes replacement, battery replacement, and cooling system maintenance/lube. As proper maintenance is a prerequisite for all MotoAssure plans, our Prepaid Maintenance Plan provides a distinct advantage in the initial year by covering crucial tasks like oil changes and brake pads. Please note that a paid surcharge is required to enroll in this cost-saving plan.

Pre Paid Maintenance

- 3 Oil Changes

- Brake Pads/Shoes

- Battery Replacement

- Cooling System Maintenance/Lube

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